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  • Nature as a Learning Environment:

    We encourage communion with nature and allow our students to explore Mother Nature through nature walks, nature corner, visits to nurseries etc.

  • Daily Montessori Work Time:

    This is an integral part of our curriculum. We especially focus on social graces and courtesy. Life skills are thought through simulated exercises that refine senses and become a way of life. Lessons on science and culture are also introduced through similar simulated workshops.

  • Excursions and Picnics:

    We live in an environment where social integration is a must. We expose our students to the outside world through well-planned excursions that are meticulously planned and executed keeping in mind the age and sensitivity of each child. Children are taken to Departmental Store, Railway Museum, Traffic Training Park, Religious Places, Aeroplanet and for visits to farms several times in a year.

  • Health and Child Welfare:

    Workshops by renowned dentists, Dr Deepak and Pratima Bhutani are held once a year. Others in the panel include, Child Counselor and Psychologist, Ms Jagmeet Kaur and Dr Richa Kapoor who conduct counselling sessions with parents frequently at The Miracle Minds premises. Empanelled nutritionist, Dr Padma Singh is actively engaged in guiding and planning healthy tips and meal plans that enable us as well as parents of our students to design and inculcate healthy meal habits.

  • Holistic Physical Activities:

    A healthy body equals healthy mind. So, we believe in developing physical fitness among our students through, Yoga, calming exercises, gratitude and meditation that are taught by visiting professionals. Children are introduced to one sport every year – which is adopted as the theme sport – and they are introduced to the game and its nuances. Along with this, we have physical sports activities including, races, outdoor physical games that all the kids are encouraged to partake actively.

  • French as Third Language:

    We no longer live in an isolated world and therefore, multilingual communication is now a necessity. Kids imbibe new languages very fast at an early age, hence we have added the French language to our curriculum. We provide basic French language training that enables children to get a hang of this beautiful European language.

  • Festivities and Activities with Parents:

    Active involvement of parents is something we encourage and insist upon. Parents are often involved in religious and national festival celebrations and asked to be present at child-oriented presentations at The Miracle Minds that are held all year round.

  • Music and Movements:

    It has been proven scientifically that music develops the brain leading to academic, social and emotional growth. Around age three, kids experience a sensitive period of learning rhythm, pitch, melody and more. We ensure that a child’s musical needs are fulfilled while they are with us by inclusion of songs and rhythm in their curriculum. We also encourage their musical expression by inclusion of parachute plays.

Art and Carft activity

Art and Carft activity Art and Carft activity Art and Carft activity Art and Carft activity Art and Carft activity
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