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Day at The Miracle Minds:

  • Morning arrival
  • Teachers greeting children
  • Children removing shoes before entering the classroom
  • Montessori worktime (presentation)
  • Classroom activity (craft/worksheet)
  • Lunchtime
  • Circle time (parachute + stories + rhymes + movement)
  • Sports
  • Dispersal

Toddler programme (Kinaesthetic learning):

Age: 1.8 years to 2.3 years

You’re active & curious young learner will find lots of opportunities to learn & develop with weekly designed themes which include lots of table top activities, music & movement, storytelling, settling Montessori work time, free play & outdoor physical activity.

  • Colour of the week
  • Shape of the week
  • Sound of the week

The Miracle Minds creates lots of engaging experience that promotes cognitive physical & socio-emotional development in this age group. Prepare them for preschool, pre K.

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Age: 2.4 years to 3.5 years

We offer engaging experiences and active learning opportunities in literacy & math learning & engages each child developing cognitive abilities.

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science

Weekly themes are introduced to explore, while the letter & number of the week builds your child skills in literacy & maths.

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Age: 3.6 years to 5 years

The unique learning experience & well designed curriculum ensures child skills are developed in literacy, math, and physical and socio-emotional development areas.

  • Explorations of letter
  • Explorations of sound
  • Explorations of words

Number exploration & other maths concepts continue to help build their mathematical skills with the help of worksheets, books & materials. Children achieve significant outcomes in literacy & cognition.

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Being Inclusive- Child Enrichment Programme:

We at The Miracle Minds are proud to have this programme. This programme includes special educators, counsellors, occupational therapist, speech therapists, physio therapist and neuro development therapies. We in association with VIBHOR NEURO CARE has been working in the area of holistic development of child, as VNC is working from past 10 years. Till now they have been proud partners with students & parents in Delhi/NCR and has been associated with almost 5000 kids so far.

  • Handwriting improvement
  • Helping children with specific learning difficulties.
  • ADHD, ASD, CP, MR, HI.
  • We help students with a variety of behaviour concern.
  • Our team of special educators are a great helping hand to students having a wide variety of academic concerns, handwriting issues, and memory concerns and reading concerns.
  • Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physio therapy and neuro development therapy.

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Mother Toddler Programme:

Age: 8 months – 2 years

The Miracle Minds Montessori Mom and Me programme is learning through fun activities designed to enhance social, language, sensory and music development in early years. Our programme is kinaesthetic, holistic with a structured and predictable sequence of activities and has a set routine which makes the child feel at home. Key work areas with children are vocabulary enrichment through music, art/craft movement, storytelling, magic box, parachute play, Montessori work time, touch boards, snacks, and free play.

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Day Care:

Age: 2 years – 10 years

No more worries about your child. Come join our home like post school, day care centre. At our day care centre they are given extra love, care and support. The Miracle Minds advantage are:

  • Well trained staff and help.
  • All female staff.
  • Guided support on curricular activities.
  • Safety security and hygiene standards.
  • App based interaction.
  • Well designed diet plan by noted experts.
  • Engagement plans as per the child’s personal development.

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Language & Literacy:

  • Listening and understanding stories
  • Using new vocabulary words
  • Using letter names with phonic sounds
  • Pre-writing & reading skills
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  • Pre mathematical concepts
  • Problem solving
  • Sorting objects & identifying patterns
  • Grappling things (by colour, shape & size)
  • Counting & comparing
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Music & Movement:

  • Singing & moving to music (rhymes/songs)
  • Developing rhythm
  • Exploring & identifying sounds
  • Working on fine motor skills
  • Developing large motor skills through sports & outdoor play/parachute
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  • Learns creative freedom
  • Refining eye/hand co-ordination
  • Developing eye for details
  • Enhancing imagination
  • Wings to fly
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  • Understanding the world around
  • Building curiosity & cognitive development
  • Understanding the process through lifecycles
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  • Building awareness of sounds of letters

  • Recognising patterns of letters/numbers

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Dramatic play Show & tell Mike ability:

  • Building confidence

  • Independence
  • Concentration
  • Working on fine motor skills
  • Expanding awareness of self in relation to others & environment
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After School Programme

  • Art and craft
  • Dance- classical, western
  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Experiential learning
  • Theatre classes
  • Phonics classes
  • Tuition
  • Think Right Classes (right brain development)
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Toddlers programme:

18 months to 2.4 years

  • Transitional programme:

    2.5 years to 2.7 years

  • Preschool:

    2.8 years to 3.5 years

  • Pre K:

    3.5 years to 4.5 years