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At The Miracle Minds we have a decade long experience of Montessori teaching. We have a proven and successful plan, Montessori has been an internationally proven method of education for over 75 years. We have a specific teaching philosophy and programme that we know works.

For us each child is unique. Our learning programme is based on your child’s individual strength, needs and interests, enabling them to learn at their pace.

We have a low child to teacher ratio of 10:1. We have well equipped classrooms with proper educational aids, CCTV and all materials required as par the curriculum.

The Miracle Minds is well equipped with an interactive communication network through ‘Hello Parent Application’ which is very convenient even for working parents to communicate during any hour of the day.

Kinaesthetic Learning

At the miracle minds children are active learners. They learn things by doing i.e. hands on work, with a lot of movement. They explore rather than solely observing on listening

Healthy and Safe environment

At the miracle minds each child’s personal hygiene is well taken care with. All women staff, Sanitized washrooms, Sanitized hands for all. Hygienically and nutritious homemade food with a balanced diet and variety.

Every child is our Prerogative

We at the miracle minds have the policy of children first. Our enthusiastic and loving teachers are always looking after the individual needs of each child

Overall Grooming

We have an internationally designed curriculum and methods of teaching which lays the foundation for the overall grooming of each individual child to acclimatize in the formal world.